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My mother’s hand on my baby book is an image that I will keep with me for a long time. It represents the roots from which I came, the trees to my apple. There’s something so Southern about this type of reliquary divination that I haven’t seen in other parts of the world. The idea of cataloguing, of preserving everything from food to the dead is a practice…

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Vegan Paella


There are no words. None. This dish was incredible, and making it was just as fun as consuming it at a recent potluck I hosted for framily. In these dying days of summer I am soaking up all I can of Carrboro and my North Carolina friends. What better way than through delicious vegan food like this?

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Vegan Paella

3 cups jasmine rice, cooked in your favorite (or homemade) veggie broth and a pinch…

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Gingery Quick Pick(le)s


I love pickled foods. That winning combination of tartness, and sweetness, cut with the acid bite of a good vinegary base is absolute perfection in my book. Growing up, we used to go to my great grandmother Ruby’s occasionally for Sunday dinner. At any big meal, always without question there would be a crystal dish filled with Ruby’s homemade pickles. To this day those are still the best pickles…

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The landscape of the South has always been one that has fascinated me. Driving 4 hours in any direction from my current home will reveal an entirely different set of scenery from the one I see every day. Driving South to Florida has revealed a landscape that is far more stereotypically Southern than the ones I grew up in. Regarding this somewhat strange landscape…

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Guacatillo Sauce


I’m always talking about how Latin flavors are my comfort food. There’s something about the freshness and the spiciness of these foods made vegan that just makes my palate soar. Recently, the Roomie and I made Brian Patton’s (aka the Sexy Vegan) hearts of palm ceviche–hands down one of my favorite dishes ever. It’s from his fantastic cookbook that I reviewed about a year ago, The Sexy Vegan’s…

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Kicking down the closet door (again): Coming out as a “live and let live” vegan

Kicking down the closet door (again): Coming out as a “live and let live” vegan


Recently, a good blogosphere friend of mine, Carrie of Carrie on Vegan (soon to be Carrie on Living),  came out as no longer vegan. I was not only proud and inspired by her honesty and authenticity as a health-conscious blogger, but was simultaneously touched and outraged by some of the words in the comments section of her post.   I’ve been vegan for 5 years this August. In 5 years I’ve not…

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