What’s on your face?!: Skin Care Smoothies

What’s on your face?!: Skin Care Smoothies

2014-02-18 16.31.24

Happy Friday, all! First things first, I’d like to announce the winner of the Traditional Medicinals giveaway! Kira Corbett, of HealthAble Old Soul. Kira, just go to the “Contact” tab, shoot me an email, and I’ll put you in touch with TM to get your teas sent right away! And now, on to this week’s “What’s on your face?!” installment!

Ahh, the smoothie. It’s a breakfast, snack, vehicle for…

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new(est) beginnings

2014-04-06 15.51.01-1

First off: Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! It’ll close on Thursday night at midnight!

You remember my New Year‘s post? That’s one of my favorite entries ever here on Veganland. So much happened during 2013. But 2014, the year I’ve christened as harkening balance and new beginnings, is likely to be just as transformative.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know…

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What’s on your face?!: Love your Liver—Traditional Medicinals NEW Dandelion Teas Review and Giveaway!

What’s on your face?!: Love your Liver–Traditional Medicinals NEW Dandelion Teas Review and Giveaway!

2014-03-25 14.31.15

In a What’s on your face?! post a while back, I mentioned how much I love drinking dandelion tea to promote liver health and the detoxification of the body (which of course helps out your skin). After that post went live, I was contacted by one of my absolute favorite companies, Traditional Medicinals, with the offer to review two of their brand new dandelion based teas. I ADORE this company–it…

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stocking the freezer for healthful eating

stocking the freezer for healthful eating

2014-03-01 15.16.07

I’ve recently fallen back in love with one of the easiest kitchen practices to utilize: freezing. Freezing foods not only helps you have money and prevents you from wasting delicious, nutritious food but also gives you a wonderful new platform from which to build nutritious meals, desserts, and snacks.

Home frozen foods are so easy to incorporate into your kitchen and eating practices. I find…

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  Those cat workout photos just slay me. I’m taking a break this week from the…

2014-04-01 14.21.16 2014-03-16 15.32.53-1 2014-03-19 16.06.35-1 2014-03-17 12.53.02 2014-03-27 11.44.41-1 2014-03-29 14.13.14 2014-03-30 20.13.08 2014-04-01 14.37.41

Those cat workout photos just slay me.

I’m taking a break this week from the “What’s on your face?!” series. I have a few exciting ideas brewing, plus an out of town trip planned for the weekend but I’ll be back with the series in the next week or two. Check out my Instagramif you’d like to see my adventures over the next couple of days. Going through some personal changes at the…

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Creamy sweet potato stew with chickpeas, red kale, and rosemary

Creamy sweet potato stew with chickpeas, red kale, and rosemary

2014-03-23 22.03.10

It’s recently gotten COLD again here. Cold and rainy seems to be the trend in these last days of late March. What better way to warm the soul than with a deep bowl of delicious, thick, hearty stew? This recipe is rich and delicious, simple yet elegant. Hearty, creamy, yet chock full of nutrient rich textures to delight your palate and your belly, warming you from the inside out.

2014-03-23 21.19.58

Creamy sweet…

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What’s on your face?! Top Home remedies

What’s on your face?! Top Home remedies

2014-03-24 11.48.43

There are always those kind of quirky home remedies you grow up with as a kid that the older people in your family are always telling you about. From cuts and scrapes to bug bites, stings, burns, and bruises, it seems there’s some off the wall way to heal them all. While we’ve probably all heard of some down right odd ways to heal skin abrasions in our day, there are several that I trust to work…

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2014-03-20 13.10.48 2014-03-20 12.42.53 2014-03-20 11.05.46 2014-03-20 10.55.09 2014-03-20 12.43.17 2014-03-20 12.48.17 2014-03-20 15.31.41 2014-03-23 16.16.28 2014-03-23 16.16.42 2014-03-23 16.17.09It’s been somewhat of a rainy, soupy, mess ’round these parts of late. I find myself, more often than not, venturing out in my gently used rain wellies that were regifted to me. I’ve discovered that one of my favorite local eateries now specializes in gluten free pita bread, something that has made my world all the brighter. Now, when I go in to eat I don’t have to skip the time honored…

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What’s on your face?!: Household Helpers for Healthy Skin

What’s on your face?!: Household Helpers for Healthy Skin

2014-03-20 08.42.59

I’ve heard of some pretty weird home remedies for skin and body care in my time. I remember my grandmother once told me she used to put mayonnaise on her hair once a week when she was young. Yikes! Some of the things I suggest using for your skin care routine might seem just as strange, but hear me out: they’re super affordable and can make a huge difference in your skin care regimen!

2014-03-20 08.38.05



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